GBR Launch

12 04 2017

Green Blankstein Russell and Associates: An Architectural Legacy Exhibit and Book Launch

Green Blankstein Russell and Associates: An Architectural Legacy Exhibit Opening and Talk

Tuesday December 5th, 7 pm

Please join us for the opening of the exhibit “Green Blankstein Russell and Associates: An Architectural Heritage”, curated by Jeffrey Thorsteinson and Brennan Smith
Jeffrey Thorsteinson will give a free public talk on the history of Green Blaankstein Russell and our new, accompanying book will be available for sale.
The free exhibit, offered in partnership with the Jewish Heritage Centre 123 Doncaster Avenue, will run until February 15th.
Funding support has been provided by Canada Council for the Arts | Conseil des Arts du Canada, Stantec, Manitoba Association of Architects, City of Winnipeg and Province of Manitoba.

Green Blankstein Russell and Associates: An Architectural Legacy Book launch
McNally Robinson, Grant Park Shopping Centre
Thursday December 7th, 7 p.m.

Written by architectural historians Jeffrey Thorsteinson and Brennan Smith, for the Winnipeg Architecture Foundation, the book has over 300 illustrations.

The book is available from McNally Robinson as well as the Winnipeg Architecture Foundation (266 McDermot) or online at:
Price is $35

A.J.Donahue: Experiments in Design
This exhibit continues at the Winnipeg Architecture Foundation (266 McDermot) until December 15th.
This exhibit features a selection of experimental and influential building and furniture designs by   architect A.J. Donahue from 1942 to 1963.
Open Monday to Friday noon – 4:30 (or by appointment)


08 06 2015


20150523_ Table for 1201

05 23 2015

Table for 1201

Verne Reimer Architecture welcomed the opportunity to participate again in the Table for 1201 event in Winnipeg. The event occurred at the Manitoba Legislature and it turned out to be a spectacular evening. The occasion was another opportunity for us and others to engage in the important conversation about the value of architecture and design in enhancing our communities, culture and the human experience.


04 10 2015

Faculty of Architecture Studio Reviews

Verne participated once again as an invited guest critic of Associate Professor Nancy Maruca’s Second Year Interior Design student final design presentations at the University of Manitoba. Over the past number of years, the Verne Reimer Architecture space and its “sister” raw and undeveloped space has been used as the basis for a key, year-end project for the Interior Design program. The design work presented by the students was again exceptional and demonstrated a high level of skill and creativity. Verne Reimer Architecture would like to thank the studio group for the beautiful art piece that was generously gifted, and is now on display in our office.

2013_Website Launch

03 03 2015


The Verne Reimer Architecture website is launched.


09 09 2014

Winnipeg Design Festival Sponsor

Verne Reimer Architecture is a Support Sponsor for this exciting festival that celebrates contemporary design in the city of Winnipeg. Everyone is welcome to participate in the Festival. To see a schedule of all of the events that are occurring, visit

20140731_CBSA Complete

07 31 2014

CBSA Border Crossing Facilities Construction Completed

20140724_VRA Golf Tourn2

07 24 2014

VRA Annual Golf Tournament

There was a lot to be thankful for at this year’s Annual Golf Tournament. The weather was beautiful, the VRA Apparel was released, the competition was high, and the prizes were delightful. We are already looking forward to next year.

20140724_VRA Golf Tourn

07 21 2014

VRA Apparel

Verne Reimer Architecture has made its mark on clothing.

20140707_Lode King Construction

07 07 2014

Lode King Industries Construction has Commenced

20140703_Dugald Sod Turning

07 03 2014

Dugald Estates Sod Turning Ceremony

A new $14.5M, 47-unit co-op housing development that provides quality and affordable accommodation for rural seniors, officially started construction in the RM of Springfield today with a community sod-turning celebration. Dugald Estates is an equity co-op led by the Springfield Seniors Non-Profit Housing Co-op Ltd. (SSHC) and is located in close proximity to Oakbank and Winnipeg.

20140531_Table for 1200

05 31 2014

Table for 1200

Verne Reimer Architecture had the privilege to participate in the spectacular Table for 1200 Event in Winnipeg. The event was unlike any other in Winnipeg and was hugely successful in connecting architects, designers, and the public while opening up a dialogue on design in cities.


04 15 2014

The Winkler Recreation Centre Addition is Awarded to VRA

Verne Reimer Architecture is thrilled to design and provide construction documentation for the Winkler Recreation Centre Addition. This addition serves as a link between the existing Arena and Curling Club while hosting a new concession, new offices, and a more generous lobby.

20140327_Ka Ni Kan

03 27 2014

Ka Ni Kanichihk Renovation is Complete

Ka Ni Kanichihk has converted a portion of their building into offices. Verne Reimer Architecture completed the design and construction documents necessary for completion. The construction was completed on time and within the required budget.

20140301_Currentbend Marketing

03 01 2014

Currentbend Marketing is Underway

Current Bend Condominiums is a six storey, 60 unit condominium tower which features spaciously designed unit plans, 9’ ceilings, and large balconies. All units have two bathrooms, islands in the kitchen, as well as walk in closets and ample windows. Residents have access to a specially constructed amenity space which includes a lounge, club room and fitness area. Protected underground parking is provided along with ample outdoor parking for visitors. For additional information, visit the Sales Centre website at

20131219_SKY Construction

12 19 2013

SKY Phase 2 Construction is Complete

20141204_WAC Fundraising

12 04 2013

Winkler Arts and Culture Centre Fundraising is Underway

Winkler Arts and Culture (WAC) is a non-profit organization working towards establishing an Art and Culture Centre for Winkler focused on teaching, sharing, and celebrating the arts with everyone.

20131203_WAC Press Release

12 03 2013

Winkler Arts and Culture Press Release


06 06 2013

PARC Grand Opening

The Prairie Arctic Regional Council of Carpenters, Drywallers, Millwrights & Allied Workers (PARC) opened its Head Office Building.


05 20 2013

Element Condos Opening


05 16 2013

Heart of the City Benefit

Verne Reimer Architecture had the privilege and honour to sponsor the “Heart of the City Benefit” event. Mount Carmel Clinic is a non-profit community health centre facility committed to helping families live healthier lives. Mount Carmel offers a wide range of services that address social needs from child care and mental health to housing and social status. Each approach Mount Carmel takes with a person unique and takes into account each person’s own history and priorities.  Verne Reimer Architecture encourages others to participate in Mount Carmel’s mission for our community.

20130412_My Winnipeg Studio Review

04 12 2013

Faculty of Architecture Studio Reviews

Verne Reimer participated as an invited guest critic at the University of Manitoba, Faculty of Architecture for final design reviews.

In the morning sessions, Verne provided review of Associate Professor Nancy Maruca’s Second Year Interior Design student design presentations. Over the last two years, Professor Maruca has used the VRA Office with relationship to its “raw” twin neighbouring space as a real world design exercise. In the afternoon sessions, Verne provided review of Professor Eduard Epp’s EVAR 4010 / ARCH 7060 Our / My Winnipeg: Projects for the Agrarian Metropolis presentations. Verne Reimer has welcomed and enjoyed these sessions, as the student input and results were extraordinary. It is an honor and a pleasure to be a part of the ongoing discussion on architecture and urban design within Winnipeg.

20121209_OLOL Opening

12 20 2012

Our Lady of Lourdes Grand Opening


12 03 2012

Best Medical-Fitness Facility in the World

Winnipeg’s Reh-fit Centre was internationally recognized as the Best Medical-Fitness Facility in the World by the Medical-Fitness Association (MFA) who awarded it as the Certified International Facility of the Year. The addition and renovation was completed by Stantec Architecture.  Verne Reimer was the Principal-in-Charge and Design/Project Architect for the project, when at Stantec Architecture.


12 03 2012

The First Canadian Certified Medical-Fitness Facility

In 2012, the Reh-Fit Centre set a global standard for medical fitness facilities as it received the 2012 Certified Facility of the Year by the Medical Fitness Association (MFA).  This Addition & Renovation was completed by Stantec Architecture. Verne Reimer was the Principal-in-Charge and Design/Project Architect for the Project, when at Stantec Architecture

201210_WinklerArtFacility Presentation

10 20 2012

Winkler Art and Culture Facility Design Completed


09 30 2012

Mosaic Funeral Services Completed


07 31 2012

La Salle Community Centre Study Completed


06 30 2012

Verne Reimer Elected to Manitoba Association of Architects Council


04 30 2012

Hodgson Renal Health Centre Completed


04 30 2012

Berens River Renal Health Centre Completed


03 17 2012

Stonecrest Condominiums Construction Completed

Verne Reimer’s experience with Stantec Architecture. Verne was the Principal-in-Charge and Design/Project Architect for the Project when at Stantec. VRA provided Contract Administration Services, as a consultant to Stantec, to complete the project.


02 21 2012

Shell Canada Office Buidling Feasibility Study Completed


01 15 2012

VRA Studio Receives Green Globes

VRA Studio receives Two Globe Green Globes sustainability recognition.


12 17 2011

Winkler Community Centre Master Plan Public Consultation

Pembina Valley Online published the consultation of a proposed Active Living Community Centre that would provide for the ever-increasing needs of the growing city of Winkler and its neighbouring municipalities.


11 30 2011

Brookside Business Park Design Completed

20111017_VRA Moves to River Ave

10 10 2011

VRA Moves to Osborne Village

VRA River Avenue Studio Completed

20110718_Winnipeg Free Press - Element

07 18 2011

Element Condos is featured in the Winnipeg Free Press

See the story behind Element Condos in the Winnipeg Free Press.