Provencher Mixed-use

Through a collaborative process with the community and municipal planners, our intent and vision is the transformation of 155-165 Provencher to a vibrant mixed-use development that positively contributes to the pedestrian experience and is responsive and respectful of the community’s history, culture, and surrounding context.

The proposed development encourages a vibrant pedestrian oriented development through the concentration of residential and commercial spaces that are designed to attract retail, entertainment and boutique restaurants. The wide range of suite sizes and leasing rates accommodate a diverse range of incomes. The project maximizes commercial opportunity by utilizing the full street frontage with a minimal residential lobby entrance. This commercial level is designed with intent to attract high quality, public oriented commercial tenants that will create real amenities and services beneficial to the surrounding community. The proposed building façade within proximity of the sidewalk incorporates high quality materials and a massing rhythm similar to surrounding developments to enhance experience, sense of place and community pride.

Although the project is permitted to provide no setbacks from adjoining properties, the proposed building design is incorporating a 10’ setback along the west property line from the fourth storey and above. This setback is to reduce the impact on the neighboring property’s existing windows near the property line. This move maintains the access to natural light that the existing windows provide, and will still provide views for the existing residents.
The building's top floor is substantially set back and not visible from the pedestrian level. The shadows generated from the top floor are contained on the proposed building and do not cast on the neighbouring properties under the shadow study criteria as required by the City of Winnipeg.

Floors seven and eight are setback and incorporate a bold, modern mansard. Recognizing the significance and importance of the collective consciousness of the historical St. Boniface Town Hall tower (as noted in the secondary plan), the upper eastern portion of the front façade is adjusted to maintain the sightline of the tower as currently viewed from the bridge.

Surface parking, underground parkade access and service areas are located at the rear of the building and are not visible from Provencher Boulevard. Substantial bicycle parking is proposed at various locations along Provencher.