Brandon Recreation Master Plan & Recreation Facility Assessments

MNP / HTFC + VRA Sport recently completed an extensive strategic planning initiative for the City of Brandon. The project involved site and building assessments/analysis on all public and private recreational facilities to establish baseline conditions and priorities for future investments. The project involved extensive user group/stakeholder and public input, analysis of indoor and outdoor recreation assets, governance model review and a new vision for recreation setting the priorities for the City of Brandon. The team worked to provide sustainable and feasible goals, an implementation strategy and funding parameters aimed to prepare the community as it grows. Initiatives included smaller community/neighbourhood hubs, investment in larger recreational facilities and consideration for innovative partnerships.

As part of the analysis VRA provided guidance on the existing Sportsplex, Brandon’s main recreation facility. Since the study, the group has been tasked with additional community engagement and stakeholder input with the development of four possible options to redevelop the facility that include ice, indoor turf, a field house or a hybrid venue.

Project Profile:

Client: City of Brandon
Construction Completion: TBD
Construction Cost: TBD

Consultant Team:

Architectural: Verne Reimer Architecture Inc. (VRA Sport)
Verne Reimer, Principal in Charge
Jeff Penne, Project Architect