20131219_SKY Construction

12 19 2013

SKY Phase 2 Construction is Complete

20141204_WAC Fundraising

12 04 2013

Winkler Arts and Culture Centre Fundraising is Underway

Winkler Arts and Culture (WAC) is a non-profit organization working towards establishing an Art and Culture Centre for Winkler focused on teaching, sharing, and celebrating the arts with everyone.

20131203_WAC Press Release

12 03 2013

Winkler Arts and Culture Press Release


06 06 2013

PARC Grand Opening

The Prairie Arctic Regional Council of Carpenters, Drywallers, Millwrights & Allied Workers (PARC) opened its Head Office Building.


05 20 2013

Element Condos Opening


05 16 2013

Heart of the City Benefit

Verne Reimer Architecture had the privilege and honour to sponsor the “Heart of the City Benefit” event. Mount Carmel Clinic is a non-profit community health centre facility committed to helping families live healthier lives. Mount Carmel offers a wide range of services that address social needs from child care and mental health to housing and social status. Each approach Mount Carmel takes with a person unique and takes into account each person’s own history and priorities.  Verne Reimer Architecture encourages others to participate in Mount Carmel’s mission for our community.

20130412_My Winnipeg Studio Review

04 12 2013

Faculty of Architecture Studio Reviews

Verne Reimer participated as an invited guest critic at the University of Manitoba, Faculty of Architecture for final design reviews.

In the morning sessions, Verne provided review of Associate Professor Nancy Maruca’s Second Year Interior Design student design presentations. Over the last two years, Professor Maruca has used the VRA Office with relationship to its “raw” twin neighbouring space as a real world design exercise. In the afternoon sessions, Verne provided review of Professor Eduard Epp’s EVAR 4010 / ARCH 7060 Our / My Winnipeg: Projects for the Agrarian Metropolis presentations. Verne Reimer has welcomed and enjoyed these sessions, as the student input and results were extraordinary. It is an honor and a pleasure to be a part of the ongoing discussion on architecture and urban design within Winnipeg.